PUBG MOBILE on PC Without ‘LAG’ on ‘HD’ how to install [Phoenix OS]

📅 March 08, 2019

⏱️2 min read

So are you tired of getting killed due to low fps and 100% cpu usage on PUBG MOBILE i.e “LAG”,so now is the time for you to switch to a better platform than “Tencent Gaming Buddy”.

And the better platform is “Phoenix OS“.

What is Phoenix OS?

Phoenix os is a operating system based on Android and designed to work on desktops or notebooks.The latest version is based on Android 7.1(Nougat).

You can play pubg mobile and any other android games on this os without any lag even on low end PCs.

How to install Phoenix OS?

Step 1) Download the installation package from here – Phoenix OS Download the exe file. available for both Mac & Windows

Screenshot-76 LI-1024x580

Step 2) Install Phoenix OS by double clicking on the installer.there are two methods,from usb and from hard disk installation.Click on hard disk. Now select the target drive.You can chose any drive with more than 5 GB available space.Now you have to select the storage for the os i.e the ROM.Please select 16 GB or higher for better experience.


Step 3) In this tutorial we are going to install it in our Hard Disk. so choose how much space you want we chose 32GB but 16GB option is perfcet.


Step 4) Select a intallation location


Step 5) After the installation reboot your system.Then chose phoenix os and you are good to go.


phoenix-os -1-600x338

Step 6) Now install pubg mobile from google playstore.There is a pre installed application on this os called “game helper” which will help you to map the keys like tencent gaming buddy.However you can you can use the default keys which are provided by the game helper application.

screenshot 20180711-08481001

Note if you faced any problem with setting up key map we will do a tutorial for that, so stay tuned.