How to play CSGO on your mobile phone

📅 October 09, 2019

⏱️1 min read

The Steam Link app will allow players to play CSGO on their mobile phones either using the touch controls or using a controller,by streaming the content from pc.

However,there are some issues with it,such as frame rate drop and screen freezes.So it will affect your gameplay as the other players will be playing on their PCs,because there are no servers for mobile players.It is just PC version being played on a mobile device.

And it does not have any auto aim feature and the recoil pattern will same as PC. Imagine playing with AK-47 on your mobile device. LOL

Although it is better than nothing.You will be able to play CSGO anywhere.Now everything depends on the Devs as this feature has the potential to be more refined.It will be better if Keyboard and Mouse can be attached to mobile devices.

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